Nutrotop Premium Carrot Juice


100 ml

  • High in carotene Vit A, B, D, Pyridoxine, Folic acid and Calcium.
  • Excellent for maintaining health of eyes, good for bones, fair skin.
  • Effective on acne, gall stone, urinary disorders, cancer, arthritis, sterility, liver disorders, asthma.
  • Contains insulin like compound tocokinin which helps a diabetic.


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Nutrotop Premium Carrot Juice

Carrot is rich with Carotene (pro Vitamin A), which is very beneficial to the eyes. Carrot juice is a wholesome diet for growing children because it is good source of carotene and calcium .The daily requirement of calcium may be met by carrot juice moreover It contained in carrot is easily digestible. It gives relief in fistula, worms and dysentery. It prevents ulcer, stones in urinary track, cancer, big stomach, joint pains, and asthma, makes skin beautiful and soft, sharpens memory power. Helps in gallstone problem and liver diseases.


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