Nutrotop Bottle Gourd Juice


100 ml

  • Promotes virility, Effective on heart diseases, disorders.
  • The juice consumption strengthens platform of the cardiac muscles which helps heart function more effectively.
  • It nourishes and maintains Ph of the pericardial fluid which in turn gives relief to the heart.
  • Effective in obesity, constipation, tubercolisis, Joint pain.
  • Effective in prostrate disorders, good for diabetic person.


DelyBites – Nutrotop Bottle Gourd Juice

[Scientific name:-Langenaria Siceraria(Molina)stand ] is commonly known as Kaddu, Lowki, Ghia or Dudhi. Its pulp, the young stem, skin and the leaves have many medicinal properties.

Dr.Manubhai Kothari, (Former Head, Dept. of Anatomy, K.E.M., Mumbai) initiated the use of Bottle gourd Juice for treating Cardiac Problems and the movement was further carried by A.N.Naphad from Nagpur. Consumption of Bottle gourd juice helped numerous patients avoid bypass surgery. Some patients reduced weight, some of them lowered cholesterol levels, few found the juice useful on knee pains, backaches, piles etc. While undergoing the juice therapy the person can take his/her medicines and physio-therapy/ exercise as usual. Benefits of Louki juice consumption can be experienced within 3-4 months. According to the belief by Dr.Manu Kothari, following benefits are accrued because of bottle gourd juice.

  • It reduces blood acidity
  • The Juice consumption strengthen platform of the cardiac muscles (Trigonum Fibrosum Cardis) which helps heart function more effectively.
  • The pH of the pericardial fluid is increased because of reduction in acidity which in turn gives relief to the heart
  • Helps to eliminate blood impurities and benefits heart by effecting positive changes in blood


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