Alvel Flaxseed Oil Emulsion

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  • ALVEL Fortifier is a ready to use Omega-3 fortification food supplement. We have developed ALVEL Fortifier to stabilize Omega-3 fatty acid to increase shelf life. The product has good miscibility to any food preparation. Tailor made ALVEL to suite a particular food preparation can also be thought of. The versatility of the product, provides ready to use tool to fortify any food product with omega-3 fatty acid. It is our motto to bring back Omega-3 in food chain without changing the dietary habits and taste. Inclusion of Omega-3 in the daily diet can enhance mental and physical capabilities including Immune responses.
  • ALVEL Fortifier is well researched stabilized, tailor made, Omega-3 fatty acid emulsion that can be used in fortification of food such as milk, dairy, chocolate, sweets, jam, biscuits, bakery products.
  • ALVEL Fortifier contains Omega-3 fatty acid resourced from a vegetable source and its other ingredients base, stabilizers, emulsifiers, masking agents, antioxidants, all have been obtained from the presently FDA approved list and will be within limits, on its suggested use in the final food preparation.
  • ALVEL Fortifier contains 15% by weight of Omega-3 fatty acid and its modest use to achieve 1-5 mg/g of the food does not affect the original taste, organoleptic properties of the Omega-3 fatty acid fortified product.
  • ALVEL Fortifier has very low levels of undesirable saturated and Omega-6 fat (Omega-3: Omega-6 ration close to 4:1), helpful in correction of imbalance.


  • ALVEL Fortifier is a product that is developed with the sole intention to facilitate Omega-3 fatty acid fortification of food products. Its usage, utility, compatibility, stability, the stage at at which ALVEL can be added,must be ascertained by the manufacturer according to the process protocol of the individual specific product. ALVEL only guarantees about its own products and ALVEL is not liable to any misuse proper verification and its adverse effects arising there from.


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