Nutrotop Premium Wheat Grass Juice


100 ml

  • Natural universal tonic.
  • Contains chlorophyll pigments which are similar to human hemoglobin.
  • Rich in Vit-C, B. Contains anti cancer agent Laetrile
  • Vitamin, Mineral and enzyme content is equivalent to that of 23 vegetables together.
  • Effective in almost 350 diseases and disorders.
    • Helpful in cancer, Acidity, Anaemia, Skin deisease, Bronchial asthama, Chronic cold, Allergic disorders, Arthritis,  keeps away hair graying, has anti aging property, excellent skin cleanser.
    • Effective on heart diseases, constipation, urinary disoreders, liver disorders, Diabetes etc.
  • Good for brain development


It contains vitamin ‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C. Good for diabetes, indigestion, chronic fever, pancreas stimulant, excellent appetizer, anemia, purifies blood & eliminates worms thriving in the intestine. Relieves burning in the kidney & in removing kidney stone. Helpful in arthritis, weight loss & skin disease.

It contains elements a complete spectrum of essential vitamins (large quantities of Vitamin C, A, B & E), minerals, amino acids, dietary fibers & much needed exogenous enzymes. Enhances Haemoglobin level & Heart functions.  Helps to control Diabetes, Cholesterol & high Blood Pressure. It helps in kidney disorders. It prevents graying of hair & reduces dandruff. It purifies the liver & dissolves lung scars. Helpful in toothache, tooth decay, pyorrhea & sore throats. The chlorophyll content helps in detoxification. Enhances brain activity.


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